Belgium Ergonomics Society

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The Belgian Ergonomics Society (BES) was founded in 1986. Among the members were representatives of the Ministry of Work, University Professors and ergonomists in the field. Today, BES has 200 members.

Active FEES membership

President national:

Alain Piette
Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social dialogue
Rue E. Blérotstraat 1, 1070 Bruxelles
Tel: +32 (0)2 233 46 28

Secretary national: Marianne De Troyer

Treasurer national: Caroline Pirotte

Contactperson FEES: Gaëtan Dusollier

IEA council member: Alain Piette



To promote ergonomics in a multidisciplinary way by:

  • Promotion of the broad knowledge on human-machine relations in every possible way;
  • Distribution of the knowledge;
  • Promotion of scientific research regarding all possible domains of ergonomics;
  • Promotion of training and education in ergonomics;
  • Contacting other organisations and institutions interested in ergonomics;
  • Representing ergonomics in Belgium on national and international level;
  • Application of the procedures to become European Ergonomist cfr. CREE (Center for Registration of European Ergonomists).


Each year a workshop or seminar is organised on a national level for all members. Themes are in accordance with recent themes on safety and health.

  • Both the Flemish and French speaking wing of the society organise each year two events (e.g. company visit, seminar with young ergonomists, ...).
  • BES takes part in the meetings organised on an international level (FEES, CREE, IEA).
  • Narrow contacts with other European societies (e.g. the Dutch society by cooperating with their journal).