FEES at Conference on Key Enabling Technologies

The Federation of the European Ergonomics Societies was represented by Pascal ETIENNE at the Conference on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs event) in Strasburg.


The main parts of the meeting were the plenary session, the workshop and the B to B meetings

Plenary session:

In the plenary session were presented the expectations and advices from the EU Commission in research activities at the Horizon 2020 and the resources in support at the European and national level (the national contact points – NPC): see the presentations attached from the EU Commission and the NPC services


There was 7 workshops in parallel in the meeting: on advanced materials and nanotechnologies, sustainable process industries, factories of the future, KET for healthcare and biotechnologies, energy efficient buildings, NMB support action and EU-US international cooperation.

Pascal ETIENNE attended the workshop on “the factory of the future” where about twenty persons presented their projects on different issues like:  robotics, nanotechnologies, non destructive tests, automated manufacturing tests, data analysis,… . But there was no link between the different presentations and no discussion organized during the workshop.

Pascal ETIENNEI presented FEES and  had several discussions with different participants (see below) after the presentation.

B to B meetings and contacts

The discussions have been held with :

  • Andrea Gulacsi (CEN CENELEC research integration Unit manager). It is interesting to make the link between the FEES projects on creativity and the CEN CENELEC projects and standards in the field of innovation.
  • Thierry Blandet (ICUBE-Strasburg) is an engineer who works in the field of virtual reality, computer graphics. He is involved in a project developing tools based on virtual reality for surgeons were an ergonomist is involved. He was convinced of the necessity to associate ergonomists in design projects.
  • Paolo Cicconi (Politechnical University of Marche, Italy). He works as engineer on the design and simulation especially on clean products. There are ergonomists in his department. I have mentioned the SIE and the probability of a SIE conference next year in this Italian Region.
  • Francesco Ziprani,   R§D manager of MARPROSS, Italy, a company which works on man / machine interaction
  • Naim Kosayyer, from VIZ, a   French startup that works on the issue “data science” : the way to give all the meaning of different kinds of data
  • Alfons H. Salden, who is member of “Almende organizing network”, a private research body in NL. I have presented him FEES and mentioned the possibility to cooperate at national level with the NL Ergonomics and Human Factors society.
  • Conclusions

    The slides presented in the plenary sessions can be downloaded here.

    It was interesting for FEES to attend the meeting in order to benchmark the issue and to show that FEES exists and makes proposals.

    For further information Email to: secretary-general@ergonomics-fees.eu

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