Ergonomics Redefined - Summer University on Ergonomics

Summer University on Ergonomics7-8-9 July 2021 Virtual (Budapest) Summer University on Ergonomics (34. ERGONÓMIAI NYÁRI EGYETEM)

We kindly invite you to the 34th Summer University of Ergonomics, this time in the virtual space. The program follows the usual Summer University structure: there will be professional lectures on Wednesday, good practices on Friday, and we will go on-site on Thursday - virtually. 
The opening sessions dedicated to the EU-OSHA "Lighten the Load" campaign; at the same time, it explores ergonomics beyond the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. 
This year summer university is unique because it's a joint event of the Austrian Ergonomics Society, the Hungarian Ergonomic Society, the Ergonomics & Workplace Management Society [ERGOWORK] from Romania, the Bulgarian Association of Ergonomics and Human Factors. Up to the shared English sessions, there are tracks for each language, i.e. a Bulgarian one on Artificial Intelligence and ergonomics, a Hungarian on Office and sedentary work, Polish on mental workload, Romanian on service ergonomics. 
Several universities contribute to this summit university working together in the Ergonomics and Human Factors Regional Educational CEEPUS Network.