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President: Vladimir M. Lvov, D.Sc., Prof. Institute for Ergonomics and Socio-Economic Technologies. Phone: +7-4822-41-54-66. Email:

IEA and FEES Council Member: Alexey N. Anokhin, D.Sc. Prof. Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering.
Chief editor of the IREA (Inter-Regional Ergonomics Association) newsletter. Phone : +7-48439-400-64. Email:

Secretary: Vadim P. Ryndin. Email:

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24-25 September 2013 (Tver, Russia), Inter-Regional Ergonomics Association (IREA), the 8th International conference on psychology and ergonomics "Unity of Theory and Practice".
English and Russian versions of information letter are in attachment below.

The Inter-Regional Ergonomics Association (IREA) was established at August 7th, 1995. IREA is an assignee of the Soviet Ergonomics Association (SEA) which was acting in USSR since 1986.
The main target of IREA is to facilitate communication and collaboration between all specialists on ergonomics working in different regions of Russia. The specialists from the same region constitute a Regional Branch of IREA.
IREA activity includes the following principal areas:

  • Scientific activity, realization of scientific and research projects. Dissertation panels entitled to give a scientific qualification of Candidate (Ph.D. in Western classification) and Doctor of Science in the Engineering Psychology and Ergonomics area are working under the patronage of IREA. IREA is one of the founders of the International Academy of the Problems of the Human Factors.
  • Practical activity, implementation of applied ergonomics projects, expertize of scientific works and applied developments.
  • Communicatory, popularizational and educational activity. IREA initiated the training of ergonomists in Russia. The high school speciality entitled as «Ergonomics» was established with IREA efforts. The Russian State Education Standard on Ergonomics and the series of textbooks have been issued in collaboration with IREA.
  • Organizational activity. The Association arranges and conducts international and national scientific and applied conferences and workshops on ergonomics. The scientific journal series «Human Factors» is edited and printed by IREA.

IREA is a Federated Society of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) and Federation of European Ergonomics Societies (FEES). The IREA activity is coordinated and agreed with the policy and Strategic Plan of these organizations.

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