Number of European Registered Ergonomists has passed 400

In the last council meeting of the Centre for Registration of European Ergonomists (CREE), 24 new applications and 25 prolongations were approved. With those, the number of Eur.Erg.s has grown to 404.
Despite the economic crisis, over the years we have seen an increasing number of ergonomists who want to stress their professionalism by applying for certification.
CREE is the organisation that, together with national or regional assessment boards, manages the registration of ergonomists in Europe.  These high-level professionals have the title “Eur.Erg.”. It guarantees that an ergonomist has:

  • a broad education in ergonomics at university level
  • at least three years of practical experience as an ergonomist
  • continuously developed his or her skills in ergonomics.

CREE is happy to welcome the first two Eur.Erg.s from Latvia, as well as two new from Hungary, the newest member society. The number of Eur.Erg.s in France has increased to 110!
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