Standards and Guidelines Committee of the Federation of European Ergonomics Societies

At the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) the Federation of European Ergonomics Societies has a liaison status.
According to the Technical Committees 122 of the European Committee for Standardization the benefits of standardization of Ergonomics in the actual business environment are:
  1. to enhance health, safety and well-being of the consumers and users as well as the overall 
  2. performance;
  3. to prepare standards in the field of ergonomics, in order to meet the requirements for 
  4. ergonomic and efficient products under the conditions of free trade;
  5. to support European Directives which are adopted in the frame of the New Approach with the 
  6. aim of deregulation in legislation;
  7. to deliver a consistent set of ergonomic requirements as a reliable basis for a world-wide 
  8. machine design (as EN ISO standards world-wide);
  9. to improve the usability of products.
Priorities of CEN/TC 122
  1. Strategies for the development of standardization of Ergonomics are:
  2. Modularization of type A-, B- and C-standards, with responsibility for the type A and B;
  3. Parallelization of work items and organisational measures at CEN and ISO, in order to support 
  4. the consistency of European and International standards and easier trade across the EC;
  5. Ergonomics in the field of new technologies;
  6. Ergonomics across the borders of occupational work;
  7. Ergonomics for people with special requirements with the target to improve accessibility

Committee members:

  • Reinier Hoftijzer (chair)
  • Kazys Algirdas Kaminskas
  • Michael Wichtl
  • Gyula Szabó
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