Communication and Promotion Committee of the Federation of European Ergonomics Societies

Communication between federated societies, and European level organisations, and the general promotion of ergonomics are missionary challenges of FEES. To fulfil this role this committee channels – solicits and distributes - information from and to federated societies, EU bodies, other NGOs. This committee keeps the FEES calendar updated, sends out news letters, engage members and individuals to contribute in information sharing.

Promotion and communication officers of federated societies can share their best practices in this committee.

Committee members:

  • Gyula Szabo chair
  • Huget Désiron
  • Thomas Stuedeli
  • Annie Drouin
  • Tommaso Bellandi
  • Pieter Rookmaaker
  • Willemien Slaghuis
Former members:
  • Martti Launis

Specific activity of this committee are the European month of ergonomics and the EU-OSHA campaign partnership

For historical reasons the communication language within FEES is English but it doesn’t mean that only this is the language of ergonomics in Europe. Indeed, in daily work an ergonomist must use the local language, end to do it needs proper ergonomics terminology in the given language. FEES encourages the information sharing in every European language as long as meets the professional requirements. On the other hand the majority of European Ergonomists is not a native English speaker so in FEES the preference is on the clear professional communication on the richness linguistic solution.

The volunteers to translate and proof read give a valuable support to this committee.