EU Taskforce of Federation of European Ergonomics Societies

Ergonomist has positions almost everywhere and make their best in national level, in EU administration positions or in other NGOs. On one hand the board of FEES convinced that this shared effort is of high value, and every communication channel must be used to impact the stakeholders. On the other hand in the EU strategy forming process or in social dialog European level organisations are the partners of EU. In this sense FEES has to represent ergonomics, and contribute e.g. in the social dialog on the policy framework.

All federated societies expected to discuss this question, where all caring ergonomist is encouraged to express opinion.

The goal of this working group is to facilitate the discussion in federated societies to develop and represent in the dialog the standing point of FEES, and to harmonise the activity of federated societies according to the common views.

In the working group delegates from federated societies will summarise and finalise the opinion of FEES.