International Seminar of Ergonomics - Gniezno

LEB The 29th International Seminar of Ergonomics was held in Gniezno (Poland) from 20th to 22th June 2016. This successful conference included topics of ergonomics, occupational safety engineering and quality engineering. Such an approach shows an interdisciplinary character of contemporary issues in science which require simultaneous actions in diverse directions and creates a synergistic effect that will help to solve the undertaken issues, both theoretical and practical. Some data:

  • more than 150 participants, LEB
  • more than 5 nationalities from Europe (Slovenia, Poland, France, UK, Hungary, Estonia, …) and from other continents (India, Iran, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Africa…)
  • 5 keynotes,
  • over 50 presentation,
  • 4 workshops,
  • a round table with between IEA, FEES and PES (PTErg).

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FFES LogoCongratulations to Polish Ergonomics Society. This conference is endorsed by the Federation of the European Ergonomics Societies