55th CREE Meeting in Delémont, Switzerland


The Centre of Registration of European Ergonomist (CREE) Council announces that 17 new certified ergonomists were accepted and 14 people successfully renewed their certification at the 55th Council Meeting Delémont, Switzerland, 7-8 June 2019.

During the meeting the members of the CREE Board and Council participated in a workshop on “Ergonomics 4.0 and Ethics“ co-organized by ErSys Sàrl, the Swiss Society for Ergonomics (SwissErgo) and the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (Haute Ecole Arc Santé).

CREE 55th meeting

From left to right: David O’Neill, Gyula Szabó, Beata Mrugalska, Maggie Graf, Christian Voirol, Frank Krause, Bernard Dugué, Nathalie Chiosi, Anders Sundin, Karsten Kluth, Pirjo Hakkarainen, Mike Gray, Gaetan Dusollier

Full list of registered European ergonomist is available at the CREE directory.