European Month of Ergonomics 2009 - Know Your Ergonomist

Goals of the European Month of Ergonomics 2009 was
  1. Disseminate science of ergonomics   
  2. Promote understanding of different ergonomics areas 
  3. Improve information on ergonomics education 
  4. Promote discussion concerning topics of ergonomics  
  5. Support ergonomics implementation in practice

  1. Ergonomics is knowledge and skills how to fit  work for workers
  2. Ergonomics improves human wellbeing
  3. Ergonomics enhances productivity and improves the quality of work
Ergonomics offers solutions that respect human qualities – possibilities and restrictions – and make it possible to utilize person’s individual talents and properties broadly
Ergonomics looks at the working environment from several different points of view: work environment with its different characteristics, work equipments, work organization and organizing the work, task sharing and management
Ergonomics concerns not only the work environment. Ergonomics is also for creating environment that supports and makes possible human activities – on safe and just way.

  1. Project manager, e.g. in the development tasks
  2. Teacher
  3. Researcher
  4. Inspector and quality manager
  5. Occupational health care specialist
  6. Product and system design specialist
  7. Support for engineering and production tasks
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