FEES COUNCIL meeting 2017

FFES Logo The 2017 council meeting of the Federation of the European Ergonomics Societies (FEES) was held in Brussels 26th June 2017 in conjonction with the FEES ETUI BES Conference on the issue „workers and creativity“.

An informal FEES networking meeting took place on Sunday evening, the 25th of June from 18.00 until 21.00 hours in a location close to the ETUC building (near Brussels North station).

TIMETABLE of the meeting

Welcome at 8 : 30 pm ; starting at 9 :00 End at 1 : 00 pm

  • Opening, welcome and housekeeping
  • Roll call of the delegates and apologies for absence ; welcome of new members ; call for miscellaneous items
  • Approval of the draft agenda (cf present document )
  • Approval of the Council Meeting minutes in, September, 26th 2015 (cf doc.attached)
  • Annual FEES Report (document to be sent) and Report on the Standing Committees
  • Report from the member societies on their main activities
  • FEES Financial Report (cf doc.to be sent)
  • Election of the treasurer (candidates are required)
  • Change of rules proposals (document to be sent)
  • Information from the invited ergonomics societies and organizations
  • Projects for FEES
  • IEA issues : Information about Memorandum of Understanding between FEES and IEA (doc. to be sent)
  • IEA issues : 2018 IEA Congress in Firenze
  • Next Council meeting : date and place - proposals to be made
  • Miscelleanous
  • Closing

Some practical information:

In addition to the usual issues (such as the discussion of the financial report, the annual report; …) the FEES Council had to elect this year a new treasurer due to the end of the mandate of the former treasurer, Reinier Hoftijzer. The federated societies was invited to propose candidates for this important position.

Registration form

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