Eu-Design 2017 Award

EU-DesignEu-Design is an award given to products, services and digital artifacts, presented by designers or manufacturers, which denote a particular attention towards the issues of ergonomics, usability, user experience and innovation, i.e. an attention that allows the creation of “human scale” artifacts:

EU-Design 2017

Are you an innovative company? Do you have a product, an application, an interface that belongs to one of this year’s subcategories? Are you an ergonomist or a designer who has designed a product/artifact following User Centered Design methodologies? You can participate to Eu-Design Award 2016-2017 by enrolling up five products / digital artifacts / services.

Here are the details of what you should do in order to candidate your product:
Registration is now open; the official delivery time for applications and papers presentation is May 31th 2017.