45th Nordic Ergonomics & Human Factors Society conference

The conference will take place in August 11-14th, 2013 in Reykjavík, Iceland. This is a perfect opportunity to visit Iceland and to take part in a traditional international conference where practitioners and researchers meet and discuss the latest ergonomical issues.
The Nordic Ergonomics & Human Factors Society (NES) conference brings together researchers and practitioners from all over the world, all with interest in ergonomics.

The theme of the conference is Ergonomics for Equality. Equality is important in all forms of ergonomics, whether it concerns gender, race, size, usability or other aspects. Ergonomics should not seperate groups or users, it should combine them. In order to promote research we facilitate the sharing of experiences and results, work, ideas and the formation of friendships and networks in the field of ergomomics.

We welcome all who are interested in the different aspects of ergonomics; mental, organizational, social, physical and technical to come and take part in the discussion of the latest and most important ergonomics topics.