FEES is a partner of ErgoMach

Fabio Strambi represents the Federation of European Ergonomics Societies at ErgoMach.

Ergonomics is a human centered discipline that focuses on person(s) in working situation(s), on the interface between human beings and working systems and on the efficiency of the man-machine couple.

Production systems and human beings are confronted at their interface when the person becomes an operator on machinery or working system. Specific challenges have to be solved at the junction of these two elements in order to not alter the human well-being and capacity (etc) and to maintain the performances of the production system. That is why ergonomics' standards are proposed.

Today, there is evidence of a lack of communication between ergonomists and the rather pragmatically oriented group of machine designers/manufacturers. This often results in machinery designed without benefitting from ergonomic principles.

Standards – the most important machinery design tool – are also affected by this lack of communication. In fact, standards on ergonomic aspects in machinery design do exist, but designers find them difficult to understand and to apply correctly. In order to improve communication in all directions among the stakeholders involved in Ergonomics and Machinery design, it is planned that this website in the future will offer a common platform for ergonomists, manufacturers, users, authorities and standardization experts.

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